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Edith's Hero by LiloandStitchFan Edith's Hero by LiloandStitchFan
Edith sneeks into Hero's Duty during arcade hours (when she isn't needed in her own game) to watch her hero, Sgt. Calhoun

Edith just strikes me as the kind of girl who would see Calhoun as a role model: Both kinda break the traditional girly stereotype, Both have rather strange and some-what violent tastes, and they're even both blonde with blue eyes. Also, Calhoun is awesome, and virtually fearless, and Edith would probably think the fact that she gets to boss around guys a foot or two taller than her, fight giant robot bugs, and doesn't take any flack from anybody is cool. And, of course, knowing Edith, even though she really isn't supposed to be in there, she would sneek in. She just isn't usually one to always do what she's told...

(I'd hate to be her if Calhoun catches her, though...)

Edith hopped off the train in Hero's Duty, amazed. She had heard of this game, but was never allowed inside. She never expected anything like this. Big, bulky guys in heavy battle armor with giant guns rushed around everywhere. Techno music played and a voice blaired over the loud-speakers saying "Quarter Alert-This is not a drill!" The whole place was HUGE and detailed and busy and...AWESOME!! Completely different from her game: Despicable Me! She stood there for a while, wide-eyed and open-mouthed, just taking it all in, when she realized the big soldiers were gathering in formation in the humongous red room infront of her, which looked like the start area for the game. So, checking behind her to see if anyone had followed her here, she dashed off, following the soldiers.

Now, you might be asking why a little girl program would be doing inside such an intense game. Gru, Margo, Agnes, the Minions, and Dr. Nefario and her had been activated a few months ago, and her and her family had become friends with a large man with huge hands named Ralph, a short little handy-man named Felix, a 9 year-old candy kart racer named Vanellope, and a tall, blonde space marine named Sergeant Calhoun, who was a native to this game. And Edith liked Sergeant Calhoun. She was COOL! She was fearless, strong, determined, tough, loyal, could use guns that sometimes seemed even more complicated than the ones her dad's friend, Dr. Nefario, made; and fought giant bugs, anf got to boss around a bunch of guys that were even bigger than she was! She was almost like a superhero! And whenever Calhoun talked about her game, it sounded like an amazing and cool place that she had to check it out and see the Sarge in action, even though Gru, her dad, and Calhoun had told her not to go in there because it was too dangerous. Edith wasn't scared of a few giant bugs. As Sergeant Calhoun said "Fear is a Four-letter word." And the little girl would do anything to impress the older woman.

Edith went and did behind the bench in the start area with the last few soldiers who fell in with their buddies. The girl looked around, excited, waiting for Calhoun's entrance. 'Oh, wait untill I tell my sisters about THIS!' Edith thought.

"Alright, Ladies, Listen Up, because I'm only going to say this once..." A tall woman in somewhat more form-fitting armor barked, taking her place at the front of the room. The kid's eyes widened. It was Calhoun, alright. She looked more awesome than she had imagined her! She listened intently as Calhoun gave the soldiers her usuall pre-game pep-talk, much like Gru with his little Minion guys, only much more intence. "Woooow...AWESOME!" The young girlwhispered. Then, a strange robot that looked like one of Nefario's contraptions, except more sofisticated, with a screen for a head, armored arms and carrying a gun rolled to the front of the room as the soldiers got out of the way. 'That must be how players see what's going on in here' edith realized'. Calhoun stood infront of the First Person Shooter, now donning a helmet and pulling a gun from thin air behind her back. "Woah! Cool!" She whispered.

"We are humanity's last hope. Our Mission..." Calhoun said her programed speech

"...Destroy all Cybugs!" Edith said along quietly.

"You ready rookie?" Calhoun continued to the camera, "Let's find out!"

Then the door dropped and Edith gasped. A swarm of giant, green, winged beasts came right at the starting area as the soldiers charged out. Suddenly, Ms. Hattie, the matron of the orphanage she had lived in before Gru adopted her and her two sisters seemed a lot less scary. The swarm of bugs and soldiers met and started fighting eachother, and one of the soldiers' guns got eaten and it sprouted gun arms, and another ate a soldier in one gulp before being shot down by a marine. At that point, Edith became very scared and cried out. She never saw anyone die like that in her game.

* * * *
Sergeant Calhoun shot at the virulent menace that plauged her days since being plugged in like a wolverine who just had some one try to pick it up. She was having a better day than usuall, and felt great after a morning with her little fixer, and was ready for a whole day of killing bugs. Suddenly she heard someone cry out, and her heart leaped into her throat like Felix after a super-pie.
She looked back into the start hanger and saw a little girl dressed all in pink gripping the bench out of fear. "PINKY!!" Calhoun shouted. She told Kohut to take her place guiding the first person shooter and ran back in after the kid, shutting the door behind her. She grabbed her and ran into the train, which sped back to Game Central Station. "What in Holy HOTCAKES do you think you're doing, Ms. Despicable!? You could have been BUG BAIT out there! Let alone get my game UNPLUGGED!"

"I wanted to know what Hero's Duty was like. I wasn't meaning to cause trouble! I just wanted to watch you in action! I-I heard you talk about it, and... "

"It doesn't matter, Kid! Do you know what a cybug could do to a little kid like you!?" She shouted, "These MONSTERS don't know it's A GAME! They just eat, kill, and multiplt. That is ALL they do! Even experienced soldiers have been KILLED by these BEASTS! Many, many, MANY soldiers! My friends and..." Calhoun stopped, her gaze turning sad, almost pained. Edith never saw her like this before, and Edith felit terrible about what sbe did, and bowed her head and kicked one foot against the floor of the train. Then Calhoun spoke again, this time the angry edge. Had turned into more of a sad tone. "There was a REASON why Gru, Ralph, and I wouldn't let you into Hero's Duty,
ESPECIALLY unprotected like that...Why is it that you kids can't LISTEN!? Vanellope did the same darn thing before I started teaching her to shoot..."

"'M Sorry. I...I just w-wanted show ya that I was brave, like you...You're AMAZING! You fight GIANT BUGS! You're not scared of anything!"

"Hm!" Calhoun chuckled, "Amazing, huh? Where have I heard THAT before..." she smiled and shook her head, her eyes some what distant. "Anyway, I AM scared of something, Pinky..." Edith frowned at the nick-name before Calhoun lifted her head to look at her as Calhoun kneeled to her level, "I'm afraid of the people about...getting hurt. NO ONE should have to deal with one of those...but ESPECIALLY my family and friends., Like The Junk-pile, and the Little cavity, And especially The Short-stack..."

"Yeah, Because you LOVE him!" Edith joked teasingly. Calhoun glared at her and she stopped.

"That's NOT FUNNY, Pinky!" Calhoun growled. The train reaced GCS, and Calhoun walked Edith to her game as she continued, "The point is I don't want you to get hurt, because I think of ya as a friend, Shorty. You're a good kid. A little rambunctious, maybe, but then again, I was like that, too. And Flattery doesn't charge my batteries, Kiddo, but...If you do want to learn how to fight...I'spose I could teach ya..."

"Really!? That'd be Awesome!!" Edith smiled excitedly. Calhoun smiled back, "Do I look like a liar, kid? 'Course, really!"

Edith smied excitedly as the two walked back to the entrance of the Wii train port. Edith NEVER sneeked into Hero's Duty ever again, but her, Calhoun, Vanellope, and Felix would have training sessions there after the arcade closed some nights. And Edith really enjoyed those, even if she had to watch Calhoun and Felix flirt a lot during them. She was really good at them, even Calhoun said so. But the most important things the young girl learned was that even brave people get scared, and that The Wrath of Calhoun was FAR scarier than The Wrath of Gru ever was.

Wreck-it Ralph belongs to Disney
Despicable Me belongs to nee
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DrJEMnutcase Featured By Owner Sep 19, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Most definitely! Now, if only Edith could get a Calhoun costume!
LiloandStitchFan Featured By Owner Sep 19, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
that would be awesome
gelseyc-A Featured By Owner Sep 19, 2013
Hey, that just like that Wreck it Ralph / Despicable Me crossover fanfiction I read where the girls (who are still orphans at Ms. Hattie's and never got adopted by Gru) enter the arcade world got separated a couple of days where Edith alone enter in Hero's Duty where unsurprisingly shenanigans were amok.
LiloandStitchFan Featured By Owner Sep 19, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
huh...funny...we must have come up with the same idea. i never read that one.
itshappybunny1234 Featured By Owner Sep 19, 2013
[Now that you mention it, I think you'd be right!  I also like how Edith still seems to like pink, despite her tomboyish nature.  What kind of game do you think she and the other two girls would be from?]
LiloandStitchFan Featured By Owner Sep 19, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Probably the Despicable Me home game. Yeah, she does like pink. I could actually see Calhoun (and maybe Ralph) nicknaming her "Pinky" (yes, like the ghost from Pacman)
itshappybunny1234 Featured By Owner Sep 19, 2013
[Okay.  I would agree with the nickname, although I doubt Edith would. X)]
LiloandStitchFan Featured By Owner Sep 24, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Probably not.
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